Where Is This Headed?

I have concerns about the church and Christianity that often make me wonder where is this headed? Are we on the right path? Is it possible that we headed toward religion as opposed to the faith that our forefathers held to dear?

The Church

Since the end of World War II, the church has moved toward becoming more of a business organization than that of a spiritual organism led by the Holy Spirit. How did that ever happen?

We have noble and lofty aspirations while focusing on attendance, offerings, and conversions. Did we learn this from the Scriptures?

Our focus is on programs and processes instead of real life-changing discipleship. We drop any program that does not meet participation goals. Smaller churches mimic whatever the mega and giga-churches are doing.

We manage instead of lead. Is this backward?

We adopt business principles and methodologies which, I believe, have led us astray. I thought the church is to influence the world. We are allowing the world to influence the church. Is this God’s plan?

Where is this headed?


We sit in seats on Sunday and return the following week. The attendees have become consumers instead of participants. Is this some crazy form of sock-it-to-me” religion?

The way we live is way short of the discipleship that the Bible instructs us. We practice a form of cheap grace or sloppy agape.

We numbly follow as opposed to leading boldly. What is going on? Where is this headed?

We are to be the ones of whom it is written:

“These who have turned the world upside down have come here too.” (Acts 17:6, NKJV)

We are in no danger of fulfilling that.

Where Is This Headed?

I do not know, but it cannot be good or pleasing to our Lord. My problem with this is that too often I resemble the problem instead of the solution!

My intent is to explore this subject in the coming weeks and months to see if it is possible to find some of the issues that can be fixed. Lord willing, we will do that!

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