Prayer is No Substitute for Obedience

Prayer is No Substitute for Obedience

Granted that the man who seeks revival has stopped thinking in plurals and has narrowed his faith down to one single individual, himself, what then? How can he find that after which his soul is yearning? How can he cooperate with his hungers to the end that he may indeed be filled? He must rid his mind of the false notion that prayer alone will bring the blessing. Normally all transactions between the soul and God are carried on by prayer. It is right and scriptural and according to the testimony of all the saints that any spiritual advance on any front, any deliverance, any purification, any enduement of power, comes by the prayer of faith. Our error is that we try to secure these benefits by prayer alone. The correction of this error is extremely difficult for it entails more than a mere adjustment of our doctrinal beliefs; it strikes at the whole Adam-life and requires self-abnegation, humility, and cross-carrying. In short, it requires obedience. And that we will do anything to escape. – A.W. Tozer

Obedience, imagine that! Prayer is No Substitute for Obedience.


Father God, thank You for the expression of intimacy that comes to us through seeking You in prayer. Quicken us, Holy Spirit, that we might take our prayers and intimacy with God and put it into action in our lives! We praise Your holy name. In Jesus name, Amen.

1 Year Bible Reading

1 Samuel 5-6
Romans 5
Jeremiah 43
Luke 12 

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