Odds and Sods Vol 2 Issue 26

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  • The tragedy in Puerto Rico is staggering. A territory that is financially bankrupt is hit by a major hurricane. The devastation is beyond comprehension.
  • Sadly, the cost of rebuilding will be left to the resources of the Federal government.
  • God is good! Live a salty life!
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Who Is My Neighbor?

“And who is my neighbor?” (Luke 10:29, NKJV)

Who is your neighbor? This is a question that dates to antiquity. Many people have gone to great lengths to restrict the answer the question.

If only our friends and those who are easy to love are our neighbors, then perhaps this man fulfilled it in an imperfect way. It all depends on how broad the definition is. The Jews in Jesus’ day did believe that you had to love your neighbor, but it was also taught among them that it was a duty before God to hate your enemy. It all depends on who your neighbor is and who your enemy is.

This does not mean running after every need that might present itself. After all, the Samaritan didn’t establish a hospital for unfortunate travelers. But it does mean a concern for the ones plain before us, in both social and spiritual needs.

Points To Ponder

  • Who is your neighbor?
  • Are you restricting that definition to make life easy for you or are you looking at needs in a manner that reflects the Kingdom of God?


Holy Father God, thank You for showing us who our neighbor is. We pray for boldness in living it out. In Jesus name, Amen.

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